Kanagaviswanathan Panchapakesan – IT Leader in Greater Minneapolis

About Kanagaviswanathan Panchapakesan

An IT strategy and application architect with US Bank in the Minneapolis-St. Paul suburb of Bloomington, Minnesota, Kanagaviswanathan Panchapakesan leads a team that spearheads overall enterprise IT service implementation and policy enforcement. Before joining the US Bank team in 2016, he served tenures as an EAI architect with Medica Health Plans in Minnetonka, Minnesota, an integration/SOA manager with Best Buy in Richfield, Minnesota, and a senior software engineer with Seagate Technology in Bloomington, Minnesota. Kanagaviswanathan Panchapakesan got his professional start as an IT consultant with businesses that span multiple industries and geographical locations.

Outside of the professional environment, Mr. Panchapakesan enjoys spending time with his children in his hometown of Plymouth, Minneapolis. Activities such as watching movies and riding bikes through the neighborhood, rank among his favorite pastimes. He also enjoys gardening and building electronic hobby kits. Enlisting the help of a friend who is also a professional carpenter, Kanagaviswanathan Panchapakesan recently constructed a deck in his backyard.